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Community Order Procedure

by Armin C. Stross-Radschinski last modified Jan 05, 2015 04:14 PM
Order free copies of the brochure for your non-commercial community or educational related activities or events.

Please make sure to look at the Mediadata overview page for the general information.

Order the brochures free for community purposes is normally free of charge!

We are sorry, that currently the first print run of the Vol.1 edition is out of stock due successfull worldwide distribution during this year.

To fund the shipping we need to receive some missing payment and find some additional sponsors for the inside backcover.

The PSF is shipping free copies for Python marketing purposes. These will mostly be used for Python conferences, as well as sent to user groups and community event organizers until the 10,000 copies are used up.

If your user group, school or university is interested in receiving your own copies, e.g. to promote the use of Python, you can order copies of the brochure free of charge. Sending out these free copies is made possible by the generous support of our brochure ad sponsors and the PSF.


Please send us some feedback on how you have used the brochure and
where you have distributed them. Many thanks.

If you are a company or want to use the brochures for commercial purposes, please order via our Company Order Page.

A note on shipping costs: We compared different ways to produce and distribute the brochures worldwide and found out that production and shipping from central Europe is cheaper for most US destinations because we print the brochure close to the central European UPS and DHL hubs and have cost comparable to US long distance shipping. Using local intermediate hubs would result higher overall cost. We take care for the environment, so please only order the required number of copies, but also not less - we need the impact!

This offer is valid until we are out of stock.


We offer a book sleeve and 2 sizes of boxes with 10, 50 or 120 copies.

The costs and delivery time depends on the destination country. We cover shipping, but cannot cover additional local toll fees and taxes which may apply. For the order you will be redirected to the order pages of our production partner evenios publishing . The general terms & conditions and data privacy statement for the order are published on .

The order is not processed by the PSF! The copies will be shipped by evenios publishing. Sponsoring is used directly to cover the production and distribution costs.

Destination Notes


currently toll free
CA, CH, NO toll fees may apply
IS toll fees may apply
US currently toll free
AL, IL toll fees may apply
AR, IN unknown
GH, KR, NG, SG toll fees may apply
AU currently toll free
BR, JP, NZ, ZA toll fees may apply

My destination is not listed above. Use the linked form to  [Request the conditions for your destination]

* Please note that  toll fees and other restrictions mentioned in the above notes are always subject to daily change depending on fluctuations.