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Community Order Form

You can order free community copies of the 1st Edition of the PSF Python Brochure. Shipping and production are sponsored by the paid ads and reference entries and the PSF.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms & Conditions prior to checking out here in detail. You have to confirm below that you carefully read the points and agree prior to order below.

Additional fees may apply in your country (e.g. islands): see the community order procedure page.

Shipping Address
Please provide a proper shipping address. We need a local phone number and contact for customs related inquiries by the shipping company.
A contact person responsible to receive requests related to delivery.
A phone number to contact the local representatives on delivery.
Purpose of Use
We would like to know if you are eligible for free copies.

Purpose of Use

We would like to know if you are eligible for free copies. If you are targeting commercial purposes or can afford to order paid copies to sponsor the project, head over to the Commercial Copies Order page.
Please provide the purpose you want to address with the brochures...
What target groups you are aiming at?
Please provide further information describing your activities: e.g. your event details, organization and how you are related to Python and programming. You can provide links!
My Order
We like to promote Python using the brochure...

We will send you the ordered amount of free copies of the first edition including shipping.

We take care for the environment so please order only for your requiries but also not less, we need the impact! If you need multiple big boxes (e.g. for an event) use the "Remarks" field to explain.

You must explicitly check the item to proceed with your order.
You can add your personal reference or internal process number in this field in order to easily identify this order at a later stage. The reference text may have up to 60 characters and will be placed on the non payable proforma invoice for customs clearance, on the eMail confirmation and in the order history. Please do not use the reference text as a comment field.
Please do not use this field for general questions. Comments are not intended to alter the general terms & conditions.

This order is not processed directly by the PSF! The shipping will be managed by evenios publishing. Sponsoring is used directly to cover the production and distribution costs.