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Company Order Procedure

by Armin C. Stross-Radschinski last modified Sep 09, 2014 03:11 PM
How to order paid extra copies of the brochure for your company or commercial event.

Please make sure to look at the Mediadata overview page for general information and the terms & conditions for commercial orders.

Order the brochure at cost price!

The PSF has printed the first edition of 10,000 copies of the brochure for Python marketing purposes. These will mostly be used for Python conferences, as well as sent to user groups and community event organizers until the 10,000 copies are used up.

If your company is interested in receiving your own extra copies to promote and market the use of Python, you can order copies of the brochure at cost price. We call these Company or Commercial Orders. The surplus of these orders is used directly to refund production and distribution for non commercial orders. Please see the footnote [1] for more details.

This offer is only valid until we are out of stock.

Box Content, Weight, Size Price incl. 19% VAT(EUR)** net without VAT (EUR)** ~ USD without VAT**


10 copies Envelope Box, 2 kgs (4.4lbs), 35x23x4cm








50 copies Medium Box, 9 kgs (20lbs), 32x23x14cm








120 copies Large Box, 20 kgs (44lbs) 45x34x17cm







* Please note that these USD prices are always subject to daily change depending on exchange rate fluctuations. The same applies to toll fees and other restrictions mentioned in the above notes.

** Prices including VAT are valid for all German customers, EU orders without valid EU-VAT-ID and some countries

Pricing & Ordering

We offer a sleeve and 2 sizes of boxes with 10, 50 or 120 copies.

The delivery times for a package depend on the destination country. The prices include shipping. VAT is charged if required. Local toll fees and taxes may apply, if this is beyond our control.

For the order you will be redirected to the secure SSL encrypted site hosted by our production partner evenios publishing . The general terms & conditionsand data privacy statement for the order are published on .

Payment methods

During checkout we offer payment via American Express credit card and all payment methods offered using PayPal (including other credit card providers).

All Online Payment is securely processed via our payment partner Ogone (a partner of ingenico payment services).

If you like to pay via wire transfer in advance or need a larger quantity (that may result in cheaper shipment), use our  [request conditions for your destination]form to issue a request for a proforma invoice for prepayment.


Local Tax/Customs Info for Countries (Examples)Tax Notes


currently toll free
CA, CH, NO toll fees may apply
IS toll fees may apply
US currently toll free
AL, IL toll fees may apply
GH, KR, NG, SG toll fees may apply
AU currently toll free
BR, JP, NZ, ZA toll fees may apply

The payment is not processed by the PSF!
You will receive an invoice issued by evenios publishing.
Sponsoring is used directly to cover the production and distribution costs.

[1] Some notes on the costs

We are able to provide very attractive prices for these copies compared to printing them yourself from the PDF in your country. We decided to have a unique price for all destinations to simplify the process and treat our world as one. The actual difference in costs is leveled by the resulting refund.

We compared different ways to produce and distribute the brochures worldwide and found out that production and shipping from central Europe is even cheaper for most US destinations because we produce next to the central European UPS and DHL hubs and have cost comparable to inner US long distance shipping. Using local intermediate hubs end up with overall higher cost. We take care for the environment so please order only the required number of copies, but also not less, we need the impact!