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Commercial Order Form – 10 copies Sleeve

One sleeve with a total of 10 copies of the 1st Edition of the PSF Python Brochure including shipping to all destinations.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms & Conditions prior to checking out here in detail. You have to confirm that you carefully read the points and agree prior to order below.

Additional fees may apply in your country (e.g. islands): see the commercial order procedure page.

Please do not use this field for general questions. Comments are not intended to alter the general terms & conditions.

By payment of this fee, you are eligible for 1 sleeve of brochures for a total of 10 copies of the first edition including shipping to all destinations.

VAT can be disabled below. The total shows up in the cart!
If you have a valid European VAT ID for your company, please enter the number in the field below. Ordering without paying the german VAT using the reverse charge option is only applicable if you are a company residing inside the EU except Germany. If your VAT ID cannot be verified your order cannot be processed.
additional 8,30 € VAT– Deactivate this option only if applicable for you and your country! (only for non German EU resident businesses with a valid EU VAT ID provided above)
You must explicitly check the item to proceed with your order.
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This payment is not processed directly by the PSF! You will receive an invoice issued by evenios publishing. Sponsoring is used directly to cover the production and distribution costs.