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Terms & Conditions Ad Sponsorship

by Armin C. Stross-Radschinski last modified Mar 14, 2012 08:10 PM
By signing up for an Ad Sponsorship entry in the 1. edition of the new Python Brochure the contractor agrees with the following Terms & Conditions.
  1. Granted ad entry in the ad pages of the Python Brochure
    1. As a return for his financial support the Ad Sponsor will get an ad entry in the ad pages area of the Python Brochure.
    2. The space for these entries is limited. First come first serve.
    3. The sponsor has to submit a printable ad PDF file after the correct filling of the signup form and getting an e-mail confirming his successful booking and payment.
    4. The ad data has to meet the mediadata requirements published under Content Contributors Image & Illustration Data Guidelines .
  2. The ad sponsor must be the legal owner of all trademarks to be visible in the ad or provide a fair use license to use these trademarks for the intended purpose on request. The ad sponsor is responsible for any issues related to misuse or infringement of third party rights.
  3. Review / Proof
    • After receiving the ad data a preflight check will be issued and the result e-mailed to the sender. There is one final review proof to check the interpretation of the provided data.
  4. The final price for an ad depends on the destination country. It includes shipping of the free issues, but does not include VAT, local toll fees and taxes which may apply. For the order you will be redirected to the secure SSL encrypted site hosted by our production partner evenios publishing. The general terms & conditions and data privacy statement for the order are published on .
  5. Limitations
    1. The Sponsorship is aiming at the backup of the initial production costs of the first issue. The right for the AdSponsorship entry is only valid for the single upcoming initial release / printed issue.
    2. The Information for the ad must match the usual policies for public ads without any limitation of the age of the target groups. Ads that do not match these policies after consultation may be refused without obligation. Any rejection cannot be subject to legal action.
    3. Due to applications where no advertising is allowed a version without ads and reference section of the 1. Edition of the brochure may be created for download or be printed and distributed limited to this use case without any responsibility by the Python Software Foundation. This is subject to the non commercial Creative Commons licence we expect to match with the release.
    4. No guarantee for final release of the printed issue.
      Due to minimum booking is required to start the production, in the unforeseen situation of not reaching the minimum funding, the release date may be delayed until the funding is reached or the printing may be cancelled by the Python Foundation.
    5. Refunding Policy
      In case of cancellation or rejection the sponsorship fee is returned to the sponsor. The sponsor may resign with abstaining from the refunding/chargeback part of the fee that otherwise may be charged to the Python Software Foundation.