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Reference Sponsorship Information

by Armin C. Stross-Radschinski last modified Apr 04, 2012 08:17 PM
A linked copy with content similar to the content of the order confirmation email.

Dear Sponsor!

Thank you for supporting the first edition of the Python Brochure by ordering a Reference Sponsorship Entry via the Python Brochure Website. You may have successfully booked one of the Reference Entries if you received an order confirmation email.

If your your payment is currently in authorised state the actual payment is delayed until the final production goes into print. We only charge your credit card if we reach the basic financial backing to start production. You may receive a reauthorisation-message when the final production date exceeds the initial authorisation period of 20 days of your payment provider which may usually happen in our case.

You should have received a proforma invoice in the mail attachment, this is not a valid VAT invoice. The final VAT invoice is issued after final charging your credit card or payment provider.

Here are the next steps to provide your Reference Entry data:

1. Please carefully read:
for the informations about the data format specifications

2. For the Terms and Conditions for the Reference Sponsorship you can revisit:
You will find our Data Privacy Statement under .

3. Fill out the form by visiting this link:
and make sure you provide your proper Order-ID number, logo data by mail attachment or via download link.

4. Carefully check the confirmation email

After typesetting & layout a proof is issued later prior to production.

If you have any remaining questions consult our FAQ page or send an email to

State: 2012-03-02