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Why there are different homepages for the project and the order?

by Armin C. Stross-Radschinski last modified Jul 03, 2012 12:12 PM
The content of the project homepage is managed by the project team under lead of the Python Software Foundation and the PSF project manager Marc-André Lemburg. The production of the brochure and the financial handling of the sponsorships is managed by evenios publishing on behalf of the PSF.

Who is evenios publishing?

The history of the brand

evenios was founded as an international joint venture brand by Russ Ferriday and Armin Stross-Radschinski in 2006 after the Python related DZUG conference in St. Augustin, Germany. evenios was initially focusing multi-language electronic publishing using the Python based and Unicode aware enterprise class Free Open Source Software Content Management System Plone.

The publishing company

After a preparation in 2010 and some pilot projects evenios publishing was estimated as seperate publishing company by Armin Stross-Radschinski in January 2011 as a result of the preparation of the PSF brochure project. evenios publishing has already fundraised and produced two very successful FOSS focused brochures for Plone and Zope as the production partner of the Python Software Verband e.V. (short PySV – Python Software Association for german speaking users in Germany, Austria & Switzerland..., the former DZUG e.V.). Most of the Python/Plone/Zope related work was tight teamwork with Jan Ulrich Hasecke and the PySV.

The new company was the direct successor of preceeding joint venture activities in this market for primary commercial targets related to companies and organisations.

How is evenios dedicated to Python?

We love Python! Being in the business automation topic since his school days, Armin Stross-Radschinski likes to be lazy and smart. Programming is the art of not repeating yourself. Communication is the art of binding a message to a recognizable token. Industrial design is the skill to master the process in scale. If you enter the brochure and the Python world, you understand why this language is a key to elegance in computer science – Full Stop!