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Ad Guidelines

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Media data for Creative People & Print Professionals

Please make sure to look at the Mediadata overview page for the general informations.


You can book the following ad formats

Full Page
Half Page
A4_1-1_Seite_Anschnitt.pngA4_1-1_Seite_5mmRand.png A4_1-2_Seite_quer_oben_Anschnitt.pngA4_1-2_Seite_quer_oben_5mmRand.pngA4_1-2_Seite_quer_unten_Anschnitt.pngA4_1-2_Seite_quer_unten_5mmRand.png


  • A Half Page Ad costs EUR 2,450.00 (+ 19% German VAT, if applicable).
  • A Full Page Ad costs EUR 4,900.00 (+ 19% German VAT, if applicable).

Both ad types include a box with references issues (about 120 brochures), unless shipping restrictions prevent delivery.

Data has to be delivered as print ready PDF/X3 file according to the specs below

Individual ad placement is not possible.

Please note that these prices are still subject to change depending on exchange rate fluctations.

Order Procedure and Technical Specifications

Orders can be placed via e-mail. Please provide:

  • your full billing address and shipping destination
  • European companies will have to include their EU VAT-ID with the order.
  • Please send your mail to production[at]evenios.eu
  • After an initial check, you will receive a proforma invoice with payment instructions for wire transfer.
  • The final VAT invoice is issued upon dispatch of the brochure. Your order is processed after receiving the payment in full.
  • We follow "first pay,  first serve" until the available ad spaces are fully booked. Subsequent orders will be placed on a waiting list for the next edition.

Deadline for Data & Approval

  • The deadline for data delivery will be announced in September 2011.
  • You will receive a professional software proof PDF of your page prior to printing with 2 days left for approval and final corrections.

Data Requirements

Print-ready PDF-X3 files have to be delivered to production[at]evenios.eu no later than the deadline we will announce in September 2011.
Incoming ad files are then checked for quality, format and technical specifications. Print-ready corrections for the ads can be sent in within 2 days of proof delivery.

Please note that we reserve the right to reject an ad, if it doesn't meet international ethic standards or the purpose of the publication. If in doubt, we suggest that you send in an early draft for check of compliance.

File & Format Specs

The ad files need to meet the following specifications.

Please pass on these instructions to your graphics consultant or agency who is responsible for the creation of the design and/or the final ad delivery file:

  • File format: PDF/X3 2002 with all fonts embedded
  • CMYK files only, please - we cannot accept plain RGB Files for ads (conversion to  CMYK or profiled files is available on request)
  • Page size: DINA4 portrait 210x297mm
  • Ad full page = 210x297mm portrait, with 6mm white border (198x288mm excl. border)
  • Ad half page = 210x148,5mm landscape, including 6mm white borders (198x139,5mm excl. border)
  • Half or full page ads with bleed (without border) are fine. Use a 2-3mm bleed on all four sides.
  • Tolerance for ads with bleed: No important content within safe area of 6mm from page borders
  • Color: 4Colour CMYK-Euroscale (Fogra) for coated paper.
  • ICC-Profile: "ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI)"
  • Max. color density: 300%
  • Resolution: images 300DPI, shadows 150DPI
  • Please mention high resolution graphics/lineart in pixel format in your ad (with more than 300DPI) to avoid unnecessary downsampling.

Addition Information

European Color Initiative (ECI)

The European Color Initiative (ECI) is a group of experts, working on device independent processing of color data in digital publication systems. ECI has been founded in June 1996 in Hamburg at the initiative of the publishing houses Bauer, Burda, Gruner+Jahr and Springer.


In case you are not sure which ICC profile to use for offset printing, please use "ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI)".

Download Offset profiles