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Ask for a quote for a larger quantity, destinations not listed or final ads.

We cannot precalculate every possible destination and shipping option in advance for this project. If you are interested in the ad space on the inside backcover of the brochure also use the remarks field.

Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you have already read the related information for community and commercial order procedures prior to your request in detail.

If your destination is not listed in the precalculated pricing table, you can ask for a quote.

If you have a valid European VAT ID for your company, please enter the number in the field below. Ordering without paying the german VAT using the reverse charge option is only applicable if you are a company residing inside the EU except Germany. If your VAT ID cannot be verified your order cannot be processed without charging the VAT.
You can add your personal reference or internal process number in this field in order to easily identify this request at a later stage. The reference text may have up to 60 characters and will be placed on the quote. Please do not use the reference text as a comment field.
Shipping Address
Please provide a proper shipping address. We need a local phone number and contact for customs related inquiries by the shipping company.
A contact person responsible to receive requests related to delivery.
A phone number to contact the local representatives on delivery.
Please enter your request and the amount you are interested to order.

Payments are not processed directly by the PSF! After a request you will receive an offer issued by evenios publishing. Sponsoring is used directly to cover the production and distribution costs.